"Christine has helped me immensely in organizing my work and my life. Her coaching has allowed me to achieve academic success that would have been impossible without her guidance."- Vanderbilt University student

"Christine has been an invaluable resource in my life and career development since I began with her 7 years ago. Her business acumen and knowledge enabled me to manage multiple career issues and transitions to my distinct advantage. As someone who has long struggled with ADHD as an adult, I appreciate having her as my weekly sounding board to help me digest, prioritize, and manage the broad spectrum of my business, family, and personal challenges. She is a fantastic listener who knows when to step in with suggestions and solutions. If you're looking for an adviser to give you the ability to lead with your talents and and strengths and put you on a path of confidence, then Christine is someone you need to call. - Robert P. New York City

"The framework that Christine tailored for our weekly calls helped me accomplish near term professional and personal goals as well as address symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Diagnosed several years ago in my 40's with adult ADHD, Christine's sessions helped address symptoms with practical exercises, support and suggestions. After trying different medications with middling success, Christine supported me as I embarked on an alternative program which incorporated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises, diet, physical fitness, and active meditation. I still get anxious and battle with symptoms associated with ADHD, but the tools I have learned and use make it manageable. More importantly, for me, the side effects associated with the ADHD medications were too much to bear. I know many have had terrific success with medications, I only highlight Christine's work here as she is one of the few professionals in her field that supported an alternative plan that helped me through my work day, marriage and parenting. As you can tell, I would recommend Christine for anyone wrestling with depression, anxiety and other symptoms often associated with ADHD." - Mark C., Connecticut

 "Ms. Christine Robinson, a highly professional and experienced ADD Action Coach and educational consultant, was highly recommended to us by a local branch of the Hallowell Center. After agreeing to consult and then assist us, she successfully intervened and adroitly took charge of a family crisis (in the spring of 2013), caused by our son’s academic and social struggles, and further complicated by his complex LD profile. Ms. Robinson astutely and rapidly assessed the situation, immediately read and accurately analyzed a dense file of academic and psychometric testing data and various other reports, advising us in record time, due to the urgency of the situation; and was able to rescue our son (and our family), from a highly-charged, educational failure, expertly guiding us to a viable, beneficial outcome for our son. Ms. Robinson was instrumental in leading a turnaround in his educational success and a fundamental change to his self-esteem. She investigated and referred us to appropriate specialists for private tutoring and engaged us in a few successful family therapy sessions to conduct and support us through the crisis, while steering us through the process of finding an appropriate special education/alternative placement, and providing expert coaching support and guidance throughout the crisis and new school search. Throughout our entire working engagement with Ms. Robinson, she was fully committed and invested in helping us find a successful positive outcome for our son; encouraging us, and helping us to navigate what felt like an overwhelming situation, and a perceived lack of choices. Ms. Robinson was, and is, professional, very competent, and expert at managing and advising on ADHD/ADD and complex educational challenges, while maintaining a warm, responsive, and supportive personal touch. For the nearly two years we worked together on our son’s issues, she has been consistently reliable, quick to respond to every situation, and readily accessible throughout and after the entire consultation period. She provided every kind of follow-up service and supports we needed, including school visits, attending specialist testing-feedback meetings, helping parents make sense of the test data, coordinating and advocating at specialist, and school Team Meetings, and advising on follow-up supports and services for our son. Not only has she become a trusted family friend, she is someone we would not hesitate to call on for additional expert educational services and/or coaching and we readily recommend her without reservations, to friends, family, and anyone else seeking educational guidance or ADD/ADHD coaching and similar services. We feel truly lucky to have found her and that she was available to guide us through a difficult and confusing period in our son’s education. " - Elizabeth S., Boston, MA

"Christine Robinson was instrumental in helping me gain a solid knowledge of ADHD/ADD as I continued my educational journey of earning certification as an ADHD Coach with ADD Action Coaching.   Christine not only gave me concrete tools and ideas to help me strengthen my knowledge of ADHD, but also provided strategies and interventions for families who struggle with ADHD to have peace at home again." - Loretta Holmes, ADHD & Life Coach