Business Consulting



Our business consulting services focus on enhancing employee productivity through work place best practices.  A full assessment will be done with designated employees to hone in on areas of executive function, organization, and time management. Many employees may have issues with executive function, focus or attention.  People with these conditions tend to be creative, very intelligent and think outside the box. Do you have a top salesperson who is very unorganized or late for sales meetings?  Do you have a strongly creative employee who can't seem to focus? Improving productivity is our specialty and we will work together to bring your employees a higher level of work satisfaction and at the same time increase your company's effectiveness in our competitive marketplace.


Employee Retention

Employee turnover is a costly venture. A study from the Center for American Progress determined that the average cost to a company of losing a highly skilled employee is 213% of their average compensation.  It is time to think critically about employee retention and how to develop strategies to keep your employees find the correct work/life balance and live a healthy life.  Happy employees stay and thrive in positions that are a "right fit " given their strengths and aptitudes.  Our business consulting approach is to work with the  "whole employee". We will assess your designated employees on site and work with each on a one-to-one basis. Our goal is to coach and mentor so each member of your team will maximize their full potential.


Company Culture

We work with owners, Presidents and managers in a team approach to  agreed target areas of your business.  Whether it is fine tuning a mission statement, strategizing on retaining struggling employees, or creating a culture where employees thrive - we can help! We have delivered over 13,000 coaching and consulting hours and can help you achieve the results you need to bring your company to the next level!