ADHD Coach Training


Is ADHD Coach Training For You?

Enhance Your Current Practice or Start Your Coaching 

Practice With ADHD Coaching Training!

Are you looking for a personalized ADHD Coach Training Program? Would you like to enhance your current business model or start a whole new venture? Or would you like to add to your existing client base?  Do you live abroad and find it difficult to join a group training or battle with time zone differences? This is a 12-16 week practical course covering all aspects of building a successful ADHD Coaching business. No more trying to fit into a group schedule! All trainings will be done at your convenience in 1:1 sessions via phone, Facetime or Skype.

I am Hallowell Center trained with an extensive 20+ year corporate and marketing background and have developed a successful coaching/business model.  Having been associated with the Hallowell Center for 10+ years as well as managing a private practice, my passion is clearly training and coaching! In addition, I have successfully worked in three major markets in the U.S. as well as internationally. 

This program is a perfect fit for clinicians (therapists, psychologists, educational therapists) or for those who have a broad education/business background who would like to add or build a new ADHD Coaching practice.  So many people need practical day to day assistance in the areas of time management, organization or educational support and this can be your opportunity to help clients one by one with these challenges.  

This course will have a heavy emphasis on case studies based on past work with actual clients (parent coaching, college student and adult). I will also give step by step direction of how to build your business quickly and efficiently! Are you looking to enhance your overall business and marketing plan? I have helped many clinicians improve their practices in getting the "right fit" clients and increase their revenue streams.  This training is completely individualized keeping in mind the trainee's past experience, client focus and education.     


Individual training sessions are available now to reserve your space! 

For more information, please call Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. 617-842-0634 or or