ADHD Coach Training

Enhance Your Current Practice or Start Your Coaching Practice With ADHD Coaching Training!

Whether you would like to enhance your current practice or start a new coaching business, ADD Action Coach Training will deliver!  With our personalized 12 week ADHD Coach Training Program will cover all aspects of building a successful ADHD Coaching business. No more trying to fit into a group schedule! All trainings will be scheduled at your convenience in 1:1 sessions with personalized instruction based on your previous background and experience while keeping in mind your preferred coaching demographic Learn the symptoms of ADHD and how adult ADHD impacts our clients day to day lives.  We also offer full training for coaching:

College students





Educational advocacy/consulting, Special education or School placement.)

I am Hallowell Center trained and have developed a successful business model. My passion is training and coaching! With an extensive corporate and marketing background, I have successfully worked in four major markets in the U.S. as well as internationally. This course will have a heavy emphasis on case studies based on past work with actual clients. I will also give step by step direction of how to build your business quickly and efficiently!Individual training sessions are enrolling now to reserve your space!