Adult & Couples Coaching


Do you feel overwhelmed by "too much stuff?"  Do you need to organize your home or office to reduce your stress?  We can provide individual viable solutions!

Time Management

We all have the same amount of time...we will help you discover ways to use your time and energy at optimal levels.

Goal Setting

If you don't have a plan, it is very hard to achieve both long and short term goals.  We will do this in a way that is not overwhelming with clarity and depth!

Home /Financial Management

Do you need assistance making a budget and managing your home?  Is grocery shopping and managing housework a constant issue? We can help!

Couples with ADHD

Do you need help understanding your partner with ADHD? Make your relationship more rewarding with strategies of communication and compassion! Adult ADHD and how it impacts relationships can be a challenge...let us show you targeted strategies to enhance and sustain your relationship! 


Exercise and nutrition with guidance on alternative therapies can greatly reduce the symptoms of ADHD and anxiety.