Coaching for College Students


ADHD/Life Coaching can enhance and empower a student with our targeted and proven approach!

Organizational strategies that are individualized for each student's needs and challenges. Improve your executive functioning skills and work on deficits that have been challenging you for years! Uncover your strengths with our targeted approach- you will have an experienced coach and advocate in your corner!

Strong focus on building self advocacy skills with all students.

Empowering each student with methods to decrease negative self talk and strategies to reach their optimal performance.

Develop effective time management habits followed with targeted follow-up.

Aid students in formulating both long and short term goals, course selection and college majors.

Setting career goals while determining each student's individual strengths.

Focus on student's social awareness so they may navigate the high school/college campus with ease.

Evaluate sleep patterns, diet and overall health to alleviate stress and fatigue.