Specialized Adventure Program

ADD Adventure Program

Dr. Hallowell endorses this program! Are you a male between 18-25 with ADHD or learning challenges?

 Dr. Edward Hallowell endorses this program!  Dr. Hallowell is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on ADD. He is the author of 16 books including the groundbreaking Driven to Distraction, which has sold over two million copies and radically changed the perception of ADD from a disabling condition that prevents people from achieving their goals to one that can be managed, even embraced for the unique gifts that accompany it.  

Have you suffered with ADHD symptoms, executive functioning challenges or learning differences that have negatively impacted your life?  Are you at a loss and not sure what to do next? As a long term Hallowell Center clinician I understand the obstacles and positives of ADHD.  In this program we will challenge you in our week long intensive program and show you that you can change the course of your life.  We will show you how to utilize your natural strengths and abilities to enhance and improve your every day life.  You will leave our program with concise goals and a way to move forward.  We can even provide ongoing coaching and communication upon program completion for clients who would like accountability and follow-up. 

The Specialized Adventure Program model is based on the the three "C" concept of training building comfort with subjects/activities, confidence  and ultimately competence.  Each attendee is assigned to a five person element and is taken through a variety of specialized training disciplines much like those conducted within a special operations unit/organization in law enforcement or the military.  The training prepares each attendee to operate as well as lead in a dynamic, exciting, adventurous environment during the week. All disciplines/training are taught based upon a progression style concept that culminates with the planning  for and execution of a specialized operation. After completing challenging physical and mental tasks, attendees will  be taken through introspective workshops, highlighting the struggles they have  faced with their ADHD/learning difficulties and how they can transfer these  newly learned skills into the real world. You will leave with a deeper sense of understanding of yourself by going out of your comfort zone.  Life lessons are taught both by team building and individual work resulting in improved self esteem and excitement about self-reliance.  This program is completed in a 100% technology-free environment.

A Unique Location for a Unique and Life Changing Program

The SAP will be presented at a unique Training Facility located in Calhoun County near Altha Florida. The facility, located on 70+ acres, boasts a variety of capabilities that can accommodate a myriad of training programs/events with extensive capabilities. Training Venues/Facility capabilities include but are not limited to: 

• Indoor/Outdoor Classrooms 

• (6) Open Bay Cabin Lodging (5-6 per Cabin) 

• (2) VIP Cabins (2 per Cabin) 

• Cafeteria Building with Catered Meals 

• Bathroom/Shower Building w/ Washers/Dryers 

• Physical Training/Activities Course (42+ obstacles) 

• Transitional training areas (rural-wooded/rural-open and urban environments) 

• Covered Pavilion Area

The Facility is designed to accommodate training/conferences with no outside distractions thus maximizing time spent.  In addition, the Facility, during the conduct of training-conferences, is technology free.  

Program Specifics

Available Program Dates:  

Monday June 25th Friday June 29th 

Arrival by 5 pm Sunday June 24th Departure Saturday June 30th

$1000 Discount if registered by March 1st!


17668 NE Flatwoods Road, Altha Florida 32421

Nearest Airports: Tallahassee or Beaches International Airport/PCB 

All meals and cabin accommodations included in the program fee. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated at no extra charge. Advance notice required please.

Program Fee:  $5000 per program participant ($1000 discount if registered by March 1st)

Registration deadline for the program is May 15th

Registration Intake Form

The Registration/Intake Paperwork is a fillable form.   

Please send the completed forms to Christine@ADDActionCoach.com

We will promptly confirm your reservation.

SAP Registration Form-2 (pdf)


Christine L. Robinson. M.Ed

Christine L. Robinson. M.Ed

Christine L. Robinson. M.Ed


Passion, focus and personal experience drove Christine to start her own company focusing on ADHD Coaching and educational consulting/advocacy.  After her own child was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, she went back to school to earn her Master's in Education to help navigate her own child's educational struggles.  Along the way she met Dr. Edward Hallowell who introduced her to the ADHD coaching field and she knew she had found her passion. Christine has spent over 10,000 hours coaching children, teens, adults, couples and college students.  She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Clark University and her Master's in Education from Fitchburg State University graduating summa cum laude.  As well as having her private practices in Nashville and Clarksville Tennessee she also is associated with the Hallowell Center in New York City. A certified teacher and master coach who also has over 20 years of sales and management/leadership experience, she is considered an expert in her field of ADHD, special education, advocacy work and individualized education plans.  Christine also has her own training program for those who would like to add coaching to their existing practice or start their own ADHD coaching business. She enjoys public speaking, group  work, and is excited about changing and improving the lives of each of her clients.      

John F. Sieh

Christine L. Robinson. M.Ed

Christine L. Robinson. M.Ed


Mr. Sieh is the Master Trainer/Advisor for the SAP kinetic training disciplines.  He has thirty- six years of qualified experience as an operator, project leader, director, advisor and instructor. He has provided consultation and training in unconventional, security and counter terrorism operations to various US military, US federal, state and local law enforcement as well as friendly foreign military/law enforcement special operations units. He has experience building and developing specialized programs of instruction and presenting instruction within varied environments with extensive expertise in Southwest Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  Mr. Sieh’s experience includes 21 years in the U.S. Army (19 in Special Forces-Special Operations) and 20 years as the Owner, Director and Master Trainer of a world-renowned training and advisory company (The TATSOR Group) specializing in providing cutting edge training to the military, law enforcement and corrections professional.  Mr. Sieh’s storied career includes assignment within Special Forces-Special Operations with the 5th Special Forces Group as well as several of the world’s most elite Counter Terrorism Units. During his career Mr. Sieh was awarded thirty-four commendations for initiative, achievement and valor including the Bronze Star Medal for actions inside Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, Meritorious Service Medal for Operation Summer Return (Somalia) and the Bronze Star Medal and Joint Service Commendation Medal for Valor during Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). 

Chris Santos

Christine L. Robinson. M.Ed

Chris Santos


Mr. Santos is a Lead Instructor/Advisor for  the SAP kinetic disciplines.  He has twenty-seven years of qualified experience as a 911 EMS professional, with 14 years of that as a Firefighter Paramedic and Tactical Medic Instructor. His proficiency includes consultation and training in Tactical EMS and Advanced Medical Treatment Training to various special operations units. He is specialized in developing programs of instruction and presenting instruction to Fire/ EMS, Industry, and Law Enforcement/ Corrections personnel/organizations. Currently Mr. Santos is a Lead Instructor-Advisor with the TATSOR Group.  He is overall responsible for developing and providing basic and advanced medical advice-training to law enforcement, corrections and military professionals worldwide. He specializes in developing tailored assessment and selection programs, training programs and personnel-organization validation programs for a variety of special operations units.  In addition Mr Santos is a Scout Leader and works extensively with students/cadre at a world renown Maritime Training Academy in the Northeast USA.

Richard Biss

Additional Staff

Chris Santos


Mr. Biss is a Lead Instructor/Advisor for  the SAP kinetic disciplines.   He has twenty seven years of qualified experience as an Assistant Warden, Federal Correctional Officer, Police Office, tactical advisor, trainer, and instructor providing consultation and leadership in all aspects of tactical response training for law enforcement and corrections. Areas of proficiency include developing and implementing tactical response training curriculum, organizational leadership, conflict resolution, and firearms instruction.   Currently Mr. Biss is a Lead Instructor/Advisor with The TATSOR Group. He is overall responsible for developing and providing high-risk incident management advice/training to law enforcement, corrections and military professionals worldwide. He is overall responsible for developing and providing advice-training to law enforcement, corrections and military professionals worldwide. He specializes in developing tailored assessment and selection programs, training programs and personnel-organization validation programs for a variety of special operations units.  In addition Mr Biss currently operates as a reserve officer with a local Law Enforcement Agency, is a firefighter with a local Volunteer Fire Department and holds Florida Department of Law Enforcement Instructor Credentials.

Additional Staff

Additional Staff

Additional Staff

Additional Staff will be joining the SAP project and will be highlighted here as they do.

Specialized Adventure Program (SAP)

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